Bespoke Private Tours in Europe
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Orange Donut Tours - Premium Tailor-made Private Tours

Award-Winning Bespoke Private Tours: Experience Paris, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, and Andalusia Like Never Before!

As an award-winning bespoke private tour company, we're here to offer you an unparalleled journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Europe. Dive deep into the cultural tapestry of France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain with our expertly crafted tours tailored just for you. Our 5-star Paris Private Tours, London Private Tours, Lisbon Private Tours, Barcelona Private Tours, Madrid Private Tours, Seville Private Tours, Granada Private Tours, and Cordoba Private Tours are a testament to our dedication to excellence across the Old Continent.

All our amazing guides are fully licensed, ensuring an authentic, safe, and insightful experience. They're not just experts; they're passionate storytellers, eager to share the rich history, secrets, and wonders of each city. Why waste time in lines? Our coveted skip-the-line access ensures you're always ahead, maximizing your enjoyment.

Experience the power of unlimited options with our fully bespoke services. Whether you have a vision of your perfect day or wish to be pleasantly surprised, our team is adept at crafting experiences that resonate. Want to explore Paris "like a local"? Or perhaps indulge in the luxury of chauffeur-driven Mercedes vehicles in Andalusia? You dream it; we make it happen.

Missed out on hidden gems before? Not this time. Our personalized itineraries ensure you capture the true essence of each destination. And with our local guides' intimate knowledge, you'll also discover the best places to dine, relax, and revel in Paris, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, and Andalusia.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first European adventure, trust in our award-winning expertise to unveil the heart and soul of the continent. Ready for the journey of a lifetime? Reach out and let us craft your unforgettable European escapade.

In lands of old, where stories are told,
Of Europe's embrace, a wondrous place,
From Spain to the UK, where hearts do sway,
A journey unfolds, with Orange Donut Tours' grace.

In Iberian sun, where cultures begun,
Spain and Portugal, an adventure in tow,
Majestic lands, with outstretched hands,
Embrace their delight, with Orange Donut's light.

A private tour, with a local allure,
Orange Donut Tours, their passion ensures,
Through ancient streets, where past and present meets,
A love affair, we're invited to share.

To France we roam, a tender sweet home,
Of art and romance, a dance of chance,
In vineyards and cities, a beauty so pretty,
Orange Donut Tours, our guide to explore.

Across the sea, the UK's decree,
Of rolling green hills, and quaint windowsills,
A kingdom of lore, with stories galore,
With Orange Donut Tours, we dive into more.

In the company of locals, a treasure unveiled,
A tapestry of tales, as we set sail,
With Orange Donut's hand, we come to understand,
The soul of these lands, as we walk on their sands.